Powermax Systems

Intressted in an professional Hypertherm Plasma system? We can deliver all Powermax systems. The perfect systems for cutting, gouging and marking both manually and mechanically.

All Powermax systems are light, portable and can be equipped with various options tailored to your specific situation.

From € 2040, - excl. VAT

Hypertherm Powermax45 XP

All the benefits of using a Hypertherm Powermax

You can already have a Powermax system from €2040,- excl. VAT!

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    Powermax30 XPPowermax30 AIRPowermax45 XPPowermax65Powermax85Powermax105Powermax125

    These are the Powermax systems we sell:

    • Powermax30 XP
    • Powermax30 AIR
    • Powermax45 XP
    • Powermax65
    • Powermax85
    • Powermax105
    • Powermax125