Hypertherm ProNest® 2021 LT

CAD/CAM Nesting Software

ProNest® LT (formerly known as TurboNest®) is a powerful CAD/CAM part nesting software designed for light industrial, mechanized cutting in production environments. It provides a single software solution for all your conventional plasma and oxyfuel cutting machines.


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Ease of use

Incredibly easy to learn and use, with intuitive screens, and a wide variety of helpful features.

Built-in design tools

Import CAD files, artwork, and signs, or create your own designs using powerful built-in tools.

Better part quality

Hypertherm’s built-in expertise means the best possible cutting parameters are applied for each job’s unique needs, resulting in sharper corners, cleaner edges, and improved hole quality.

Automatic nesting

Nest jobs even more quickly and efficiently using intelligent auto nesting strategies.

Increased productivity

Modules like Common Line Cutting or Chain and Bridge Cutting can increase efficiency, and reduce cutting time and consumable wear.

Unlimited technical support

Get unlimited access to technical support, training, and software updates at no additional charge.

Cut process support
  • Plasma – conventional air/oxygen (ex. Powermax®, MAXPRO®)*
  • Oxyfuel

*For high definition plasma (ex. XPR™, HyPerformance®) please see ProNest® 2021.

Productivity modules
  • Automatic Nesting
  • Common Line Cutting
  • Chain and Bridge Cutting
  • Skeleton Cut-up
Manuals and more information (Engels)

€1.200 per user
€1.800 per user

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